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Updated 5 days ago
Published 6 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Action
TagsHorror, Retro, Short

Development log


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It does not move at all, no matter where I click.

chrome 124.0.6367.208(Official Build) (x86_64)

I can play on my iPad, but as you know, right-clicking is non-existent, which seems to make it an unintended level of difficulty.

After a few levels, you have to make the puzzle, not move the character

I know; I was able to get through to level 3 or 4 on my iPad. But I can't even clear level 1 on my Macbook pro.


Love to see a Veggie-Quest-like :P

Best mountlike

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Next ones gonna have timing something somewhere in it
get ready for clockmount fr

and next its gonna be about general relativity or smth and it will break our minds

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Get ready for wavemount, a game about superposition

or even better,   ₘʷ‭ₒᵃᵤᵛₙᵉₜ


Mayban's inspiration already came from superposition even if the mechanic ended up being more "traditional"


it's that week of the month again.

cool new concept for these types of games!!


Game doesn't even work, horrendous.

Really nice game, love the fresh take on a puzzle game :D


What i'm supposed to at the level with the letters ? 

Great game otherwise, could use a bit more explaning (or maybe my brain is smooth af) because i took way to much time to understand that when the little guy is stressed he avoid water :(

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Its the winner level. None of them have been beatable. You can see that there is no level after it by doing control+q on that level.

this game is so fun to not play

Just Chillin'


Fun game but I had moments where an anxious Covemonty would walk into water.


There's currently a bug where the anxious face doesn't reset after Covemonty steps on a waypoint flag; I'll fix that later today.


Covemonty tries to lift a hammer and fails



beat the final level without false flag again

Thanks for your idea.

A little issue: if you hold down the mouse button and have the cursor leave the game area, when you drag it back in it works as if the button is still pressed, even when it's not.

Other than that, another amusing little game. :-)


Yeah, I sadly don't think I can fix that issue without a lot of javascript nonsense :(

That's honestly normal for most games, generally not considered an issue.


Automount Walkthrough


that's a cool concept I like it

but the lil guy should reset his sprite after touching the X flag while in panic mode

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Please add move counter for optimization(It's a pain to count manually)


Not gonna lie, this one took me way too long, but it was definitely satisfying. The only thing I feel was a missed opportunity was not having a level where you could place Covemonty as an object.


beat final level with no false flags

glitch where after becoming anxious and hitting false flag, your character still looks anxious with normal ai

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I have any idea how to pass this level




i'm stuck on the same level, the guy just keeps walking into the water


guhhhh he means this


Great idea! It was interesting to me because I kinda felt like I was designing puzzles (While actually you know, the puzzle was already designed before). I’ve always been wondering how developers make crazy puzzles for their games.

good game

it's really really good but the pathfinding is a bit weird sometimes making it hard to plan around


The pathfinding itself should work about as expected, but there's a twist to it that the game might not tutorialize well:
- At first, Covemonty will ignore blocks and water and such
- If this fails, Covemonty will try again but this time avoid all obstacles (the anxious face)


I think the intro level for that shouldnt be mixed with the first level to have heavy/light box interaction. ended up confusing me on both


That's a great point; I think I'll adjust that.

I probably would have never solved the game if I didn't read this.


I also noticed there's direction priority, which (I believe) is left>up>down>right.


Yeah; not super happy about that but sadly I don't think that can be done anything about since the pathfinding has to do them in some order

any reason why he sometimes plans to take a detour thru the water (as in the shortest path avoids the water but is not the path he takes)  I found this to happen if you  block off the bottom and right side waters from the inside (and putting walls on the corners) in the level where the character, flag, and a button are all in separate corners . For some reason the character would detour thru the right side waters, taking a longer path than they needed to.

The way the pathfinding works is that the game has a list of tiles to check ordered by how long the walk to them is and how close they are to the goal, then checks the 4 tiles around each of those tiles, and if they're not inside walls or such they're added to the list as well. There's a priority order in which direction around a tile is checked first, and on a map as small as this, multiple tiles are probably likely to get the same "distance from goal + distance to walk here" score. These factors can create situations where the game can favour a path that to human eye looks unoptimal.


How do you have so many good ideas. Insane.