We increased the production speed too much at our puzzle factory and created a time vortex. Whoops

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Is the series finally over???

cool ~

i like it :)

I love how you can't even highlight the block text, because all of them are links.

▁▋▎ ▂▊ ▔░▀▍▒▋▀▔▎ ░


the ice block fix made it so much better than it already was-

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though you fixed the ice blocks there is one small bug. when you pull an ice block with a pushable block behind it, the pushable block moves one tile. This event is normal when there is no space between the player and blocks but, when there is a gap the two, the block behind the ice shouldn't move.

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I think this is similer to a chain reaction effect where (in normal time) ice blocks push blocks they bump into (but also move into them?)... on further analisis this doesn't quite make sense, but probably isn't used in any of the puzzles, so it should only require a code change.

added later:

or this may be intentional, as this is the same behaviour as when ice blocks interact with each other.

so the update happened. and now it actualy  needs brainpowr.

cool game!

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I played it today, and while my previous statement of even more breather might no longer be true, this is now so much better, and the ice blocks do even much more better now.

Overall, this is an improvement over the vanilla /first version.


i really love how hempuli just straight up takes small ideas that dont really need  3 hour long gameplay to be good, i wish i could make good games or straight up just make games.  but only got sprites and music, also what engine did you use?

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Thank you :)


Clickteam's engine


Oh yeah, I totally forgot to actually answer the question, whoops! As RedPipe implied, this was made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and its HTML5 export addon. It's a janky engine but more powerful than one would expect at first glance.


Hey , Hempuli. I just want to say, I was inspired so much by this that I'm making a feature-length game with this concept. Don't worry, I'll handle it better than you did, especially with the ice blocks.

.ysae oot tib a s'ti fi neve ,tpecnoc gnitseretni yreV


making too many games that look exactly the same


yes, some of the more recent games have repeatedly focused on world-building mechanics.

I would honestly be ok if the next one was just permaban but with this mechanic.


Anti permaban would be brain obliterating. Even programming that would drive any person to insanity


It's kinda on purpose


The way ice blocks work is inaccurate. if it was played in non-reverse time, it would be like you can choose how far the ice blocks slide.

easiest covemountlike, but maybe this was just easier for me cuz I’ve been trained by the other covemountlikes

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It's the first time I won in one of the mountlikes

Antiban Walkthrough

I believe if you play one of the levels in un-reversed, it would be impossible to win.

ice blocks should only be pulled if they start next to a wall. if you push it it slides until it hits a wall.








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this one was so interesting but so short :<
heres my totally normal playthrough (the video starts with spoilers so probably watch after completing the game)


the ice block is pretty paradoxical to me.

long distance move, single tile move -> paradox (the ice should have slid on the first turn.

yes, there are some levels which could not have been beaten in reverse


I believe the ice block should only unslide once if pulled in the same direction, and must have a sensible blockade (at least one on its left or right) to be coherent when played unreversed.

Yup, I'll need to adjust them if I want to make them logical

frustrating that one direction of movement is not able to be used when attached to a box, and i cant wrap my head around how that mechanic translates into a non-reverse game. If the box is on your left, you can only move to the right with the box and there's no way to move away from the box. In my mind i see the equivalent  when not reversed would be if you stuck to the block when pushing it. 


Fun little romp. Though I noticed that some levels, like the first ice block level, don't seem to be possible in reverse. Not like that's a big deal though.

Maybe there's a form to pass in reverse

i thought it was impossible as well, but i realised that i made a bad assumption from the start and figured it out soon after

this was easy, almost too easy. cant wait for the update.


well my brain hurts almost as much as it did after nabogorf


Every time the "PARADOX!" screen shows up, I imagine the Strong Bad Email "DELETED!" sound, since I've been watching a lot of that lately


The function of Ctrl+Q was changed, it now moves you to the previous level

Only for mere mortals like us

this is the GAME #myfavorite

Not proud to admit that the realization that the levels were in reverse only happened when I saw the movement instructions on the last level... Good game though!

At first I didn't get the time vortex thing, it just seemed like a game where you pull instead of push, which is itself a cool idea. But it slowly dawned on me that I was playing the levels backwards, and that even though the mechanic is straight forward, for the solution it often helped to play through the game in reverse in my head, starting from the end positions. This is definitely one of my favorites.


This is even more of a breather than the previous one!

My playthrough of this game!

Interesting to see pull mechanics! (but that means there's a possibility of even more cursed Pull-oban later on.)


Retrograde analysis my beloved