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I encountered an issue where there wasn't enough cards at the end of to finish the last pile.  I ended with 10 face up and 9 face down, but I need 11 of one of those

Oh gosh unless this isn't a bug and you need to strategically bias which cards you use.

That's the intention, but there *is* also a bug that caused there to be an uneven number of face/back cards. Sorry about that.

A ton of fun!

I'm encountering an issue in Tap Solitaire where sometimes I can't untap a card

If you can find a way to reliably have that happen (e.g. it happens and you can make it happen again), that'd be extremely helpful for tracking the cause down :)

It appears that if you have a tapped card on top of a tapped card, the top tapped card cannot be untapped unless you place it on a different pile

Thank you!

I really love the Eldritch Invasion solitaire. Makes me feel like I'm playing an RPG while just doing a card game!

Thank you! Glad to hear  the theming works :)

doesn't fit good on my monitor =/

What's your resolution?



Thanks; I'll try something for a future version! :)

I'm running into a weird bug in Babataire. I have a stack that is a jiji card and then 2 fofo cards. If I set the rules fofo is baba and then jiji is keke, it turns all of the cards in the stack into keke cards rather than a keke card and two baba cards.

Ah, thanks for the report! That looks like an issue with the chained transformation rules; I'll look at it once I get home from a thing

Echo this report, with 2 separate transform rules, you'd expect pink bordered transformed cards to belong to 2 suits. Instead, all transformed cards end up as the same transformed suit.

ahhh would love to play it. Any chance of a mac build?

I'll try to release the full version on Mac :)

what about a linux build too? any chance?


I think I'm going to try both eventually!

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