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Hi Hempuli, thanks for an amazing game. I believe I have discovered a bug.

In garden solitaire, place two blueberries of the same value into the top left and top right corner (might not be dependant on placement). Now place a blueberry in the middle that creates an average of 4 with one of the cards (so if you place two 3's in the corners, put a 5 in the middle for a 3 + 5 = 8, not a 6 for a 3 + 3 + 6 = 12). All three cards get collected, rendering some puzzles unsolvable. 

Is this intended behaviour?

Something similar happens with pumpkins. Place 2 and 6 at top, 1 and 7 at bottom, then 4 and 4 in the middle. All 6 pumpkins disappear.


Please for mac... 

Deleted 56 days ago

You can run it on macOS by doing this:

- Purchase and download the Windows version of A Solitaire Mystery

- Download LÖVE for free from here:

- Right-click and choose "Open" (only needed the 1st time)

- Quit LÖVE (only needed the 1st time)

- Drag ASM.exe onto the icon

It seems unintuitive, but this works because LÖVE will find the compressed game within the ASM.exe and run it with the macOS LÖVE runtime.

Enjoy :)


Great game, but I'm begging you, PLEASE add an undo button, even if it's just for one move. It's painful realizing you've made a massive mistake immediately after placing a card (and in some modes, immediately after picking up a card).

Council of Secrets was fairly easy once I understood the rules. I settled on a strategy of ignoring the secret cards until I've arranged the main cards into 4 stacks of 2 suits each, ranks 4-10. Then, it's easy to identify the secret Jacks, then each suit's Queen and King.

The game would be trickier if it always auto-stacked, requiring you to continually work on deducing the secret cards. I think I'd have to get out pen and paper for that.

Oh absolutely, I would enjoy that buff.

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With tap solitaire is it intentional to be unable to move a tapped card to another pile if it has no cards above it? It feels a bit odd to have the tapped card become "glued" to that slot until it is untapped after being able to initially tap onto any slot.

Yeah, it's intentional; I think it makes sense that it's been "assigned" to that given slot and can only move by first becoming untapped and thus un"assigned".


Any chance getting a Steam version? Thank you.


There seems to be interest for that so possibly; I'll want to patch out a bunch of the bugs and such first though.


Thank you for your answer! Cheers!


Would love to see a Steam release of this as well!


Hanoi solitaire can always be won using only 5 slots and moving just same-suit stacks:

  • Consolidate same-suit stacks until your 4 slots have different suits on top.
  • Move the largest same-suit stack to the 5th slot.
  • Consolidate same-suit stacks until you empty a slot.
  • Repeat.

Ah, thanks! I think I had a hunch that it's always beatable but it's good to have confirmation.

Lock Solitaire has me hesitant to autostack, the first time I did while ever card was stacked in what I could've sworn was a clean order it trapped me with a one 13 of a locked suit. Which I imagine is something to do with the ordering of the stack, but it was admittedly a kind of sour way to lose that attempt and essentially makes me consider the button a death sentence. I don't know that there's necessarily a fix, rather just wanted to note that the button is kind of a bad time in that mode.

Still a fun mode though, also done 10 wins on Tap and Eldritch, Eldritch got a little weird because I found it easier to yolo the matches and occasionally I just get stuck with like a 12 and no appropriate matching cards. But that's to be expected of such a playstyle tbh.

I had the same experience, but a weird thing happened where I beat it legit without autostack and it still looked like I was going to be forced to fail because every usable card gets locked out, but then it seemed like the locks were automatically removed once we were down to the last card. So it's possible the game is supposed to be lenient on you at the end there and autostack locking you out is a bug? Hard to say.

Hmm. I need to investigate, thank you!

Deleted 28 days ago

"You need a 4 card to make a group of three cards average out to 4" is plainly incorrect. 1+5+6=12, 2+3+7=12, 2+5+5=12, 3+3+6=12.

what's the average of 2, 5, and 5


Really enjoying this! But have found myself wishing for a control to "peek" at cards behind, since mouseover behavior seems inconsistent (e.g. to look at prior answers in the wordle solitaire).

Also wish that werewolf solitaire allowed for partial guesses while deducing (e.g. if you've narrowed down that it's a club but not sure if it's queen or king).

Will post other things as I encounter them, but this is awesome work, you really should post this to steam!

Megataire seems easier than 3 stars. I've played it 5 times and won every time. There's a lot of freedom from being able to stack the same rank together. It's a little tedious to move those cards one at a time, but it generally seems fairly easy to empty a column, and then use the empty column to consolidate stacks with Hanoi-like or Spider-like maneuvers.

ye megataire's super easy (comparatively) lol


I have an issue I'd love to figure out how to fix. I set the game's zoom to 2x to be easier for me to see, but when I closed the game and went back in, the window was its original size while the game was still zoomed in, meaning I can't do anything

Ah, that's annoying. For now, you can reset the setting by going to users/<your username>/AppData/roaming/ASM/ and deleting settings.txt there. Could you see if the same issue happens every time and report back?

In 52 Card Solitaire, sometimes the card I pick up will be at a lower layer than a card I just put down. I can get this to happen fairly reliably if I pick up a card, right-click to send it back, and pick up another card quickly. The card I'm holding now will slide under the card that was sent back. This sometimes also happens when stacking cards, not just send-back.

52 seems to have a very low win rate. More than half of the time, I get into a situation where there's no room to move off a card that's blocking everything else. And I'm pretty sure there isn't something I could have done differently; there's very little freedom in most of the random deals.

 Is the 2-star rating supposed to be "how easy it is to play" or "how easy it is to win"? I think 52 is easy to play, but hard to win.

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Love to have more solitaires to add to the well-worn Zachtronics collection! There are some excellent ones here, and being able to set a seed so you can keep working at the same puzzle is extremely appreciated—I've always wanted the Zachtronics collection to have that and I'm glad it's here.

One thing that'd be really nice is if the game state could be maintained when exiting to the main menu, so when you go back to that particular game again it'll be right where you left off. It's way too easy to accidentally close out of a game and lose all your progress, with how the button to exit the help screen is right on the same location as the exit game button, or how pressing ESC exits immediately with no confirmation, or how you can only access the options from the main menu. Toggle Mute and Toggle Fullscreen hotkeys would also be nice, if possible.

Also, I'm not really sure what's causing this, but Garden Solitaire gets in a weird state where it won't accept valid arrangements, especially with blueberries and eggplants. It's not like this right at launch, but something eventually gets it into this state. I will say that my RAM is very screwy at the moment so it might just be my machine. This is on seed 1712708836

Another bug report, the game is crashing when trying to open Eldritch Invasion now. Using seed 1

stack overflow
[love "callbacks.lua"]:228: in function 'handler'
[C]: in function 'newQuad'
spritesystem.lua:492: in function 'setup'
spritesystem.lua:125: in function 'change'
modules/eldritch_data.lua:67: in function 'cleanup'
main.lua:63: in function 'startgame'
modules/eldritch_data.lua:61: in function 'setup'
main.lua:87: in function 'startgame'
modules/eldritch_data.lua:61: in function 'setup'
main.lua:87: in function 'startgame'
main.lua:87: in function 'startgame'
modules/eldritch_data.lua:61: in function 'setup'
main.lua:87: in function 'startgame'
menu.lua:151: in function <menu.lua:141>
menusystem.lua:364: in function 'click'
menusystem.lua:340: in function 'clickcheck'
inputsystem.lua:149: in function <inputsystem.lua:146>
[love "callbacks.lua"]:154: in function <[love "callbacks.lua"]:144>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'


So I'm trying to tackle an easier game, Time Travel, and I'm not sure how to "return" a card? The card is available and not covered yet it'll not get returned automatically, and I can't put it back where I got it from. What's the trick here? Loving the tunes and the idea here. Can't wait to explore more.

You can only return a card when it's at 1 time remaining, when the clock is red. If you aren't able to access that card when at 1 time, you can actually click a different time travel slot and it will always give you the same card, letting you essentially refresh all your timers indefinitely as long as you have one free time travel slot. It's a bit odd how most of these rules aren't stated - I didn't like the game much until I found out about the timer refreshing trick, and then it actually became one of my favorites.

It's one of the games that could most use some tightening up and clarification I think. The time traveled card always has an available placement, but quite a few times it gives me a useless card that forces me to stall by moving a card back and forth until the timers count down and I can try for a more useful card.

Thank you for the info! That's going to help a ton.

Thanks for the information I had this same issue. The rule explanations are a bit deficient in this game where it mentions you must 'return' a card but doesn't explain how or when.

Yeah, the next patch will hopefully clarify several of the rules explanations.

fantastic! I look forward to it.

Deleted 56 days ago

Not sure I understand the rules for fork solitaire -- I am on the updated patch w/ the new rules explanation, but I often cannot create forks. I understand that I cannot create a fork ABOVE another fork, but there are many cases where I cannot create a fork below another fork too? Is there some branch limit or other unstated rule?

Here's a hastily put-together example of what I mean:


Ah, shoot; that's actually a detail not mentioned, I think - a card can't fork if it's already on a pile that has forked twice. There were a lot of these little rules mishaps in the game on release, I need to address these soon. Apologies.

no worries! thanks for the clarification.

i have noticed some of the terminology feels inconsistent between games and some is kind of ambiguous (e.g. i've gotten confused whether  "below" means lower on the screen, or stacked underneath another card).

regardless i'm really enjoying the pack even though many of the variants feel  slightly out of reach for me in terms of difficulty. i keep poking away at it even when i'm getting trounced. i think the aesthetic coherence and excellent music are a big part of it!

and maybe not intentional, but these rule quibbles do play into the "mystery" theme somewhat. it's been enjoyable to read between the lines in some of the games and discover that, oh, i can use monster attack slots as free cells, etc. i think most board game manuals would call these implied rules out explicitly, but i do think there is a case to be made for not spelling out too much. it gives it a unique feel, and it's sort of up to you whether you want to intentionally lean into that or not.


So this might be a long shot, but I thought $3 isn't much of a risk, so I bought the game trying to get it to work on my Android phone.

Lo and behold Löve2D plays nicely with Android. The Loader instantoy loads up your .exe.

Unfortunately the game doesn't properly scale to my phone's screen resolution so a huge chunk of the UI is off-screen.

Is there any way to hard code a specific resolution or scaling into the game logic through one of the lua files that you get when unzipping the .exe?

I'd love to get this to work for some comfy couch gaming.

I'll take a look at the possibilities of adjusting the resolution! I assume toggling fullscreen doesn't help here?


There's unfortunately no way to change how the screen behaves on my end. I've tried messing with the values in the lua files, but I have no idea what I'm doing and it doesn't seem to have any effect..

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm able to workaround the scaling problem by changing line 9 in gamesystem.lua from "scaling = GAME.scaling or 1" to "scaling = 1". However, during game play,  I cannot release a card after picking one up. Looks like touch events are not correctly handled.


I got as far by trial and error and I also have the touch input problems... Damn, this would have been perfect for my Z Fold 5...

I hope I can address these issues eventually! We have plans to add a couple more solitaires and such so there'll certainly be patches incoming.


HI! Will there be a steam release?


I hadn't planned one but several people have requested it so I might see if I can get it done later!

I’d like to buy the game, but I’d prefer to wait to buy it on Steam, unless you plan to give a key to everyone who already paid for it here. I’ve only seen a little bit of gameplay, and it looks like a fantastic game!


Thanks! I don't think you can easily set up a "give a key to people who bought it elsewhere" system on Steam so holding off for now is probably your best bet.

If you’d like to, you can set it up on so that everyone that pays for the game gets access to a Steam key. From what I understand, this also allows anyone who has previously paid for the game to claim a Steam key.

You can find more details here: Download keys - External keys

You deserve all the support you can get. I’ll pay for it twice if needed.

As much as I love Balatro and reasonably enjoy regular Solitaire, I haven't magically inherited nearly enough card game skill to get through a single one of these haha (except the poker one, of course)

Still, I'll keep trying... and the tunes are nice!


Has anyone tested on mac or linux using wine?


Game seems to work fine on Linux.

Worked for me using wine on Debian, too!


I'm going to try to set up proper ports eventually because it should be a bit easier than usual thanks to this being Löve2D and not Multimedia Fusion


In addition to porting, would you also make the LÖVE file available for download?
I think many people can solve the rest. Just an idea.

Yeah, I guess that could be nice (afaik it's very easy to decompile the executable in any case)

This is basically what I did with Ragnarok Survivors: if there is no Linux version, I make it myself. :)



I would LOVE a mobile version of this, so fun

I'm not sure how Fork Solitaire is supposed to work; the description before starting talks about forking, the help in-game makes no mention of such, and I have been unable to place cards that the in-game help would seem to indicate should be matchable.


I accidentally had the Uneven Solitaire rules in there; redownload the game to get the fixed rules!


Even after that, the rules are somewhat unclear.

Yeah its not really clear what conditions let me fork or not. 

I'll patch the rules to be better, apologies


gosh, I love this so much! is there *any* way I could get an android build of this? I'll pay you.


nevermind, apparently love2d games are *very* easy to decompile.

(1 edit)

Could you tell me more?

Seems you can simply load the .exe with the Android version of Löve2D, but the resolution doesn't properly scale and a huge chunk of the game screen is off-screen with no chance to change any settings...

(1 edit) (+1)

The Poker variant is by far my favorite of the ones I've tried so far, plenty of cool choices. Is it supposed to end with only a few cards that can't match? I would expect it to auto fail or auto play the cards to see if you got a final set of points.

The Eldritch one confused me a bit, I too often ran into combinations that stalled the game out, with no combinations possible, or attack combinations that were insufficient. Would having the other attack slots open help loosen it up a bit?

Council of secrets overwhelmed me, but maybe I need really go over the rules some more. Leaving the instructions froze the game, weirdly.

Very cool idea, I like the different decks that add to the mood of each. Would love a right-click card view for planning, and to get used to the difference between a covered IV and a covered IX, and check out the art. I guess that might not work for all games.

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Wonderful game, very fun to play with some really good art for certain decks.
Very unimportant but please let me keep playing out the hand for Royal Flush after it gets over 240, setting up an additional hand and having it end early is so saddening.
Additional bug report: scoring for two pairs adds the fifth card to the value (unless that's how it's supposed to work??)

In the single card solitaire, if you put all of the cards onto 1 pile, alternating 1/2/1/2, then the pile will go off the screen from the top.  It appears that whatever scaling factor controls the length of the pile goes negative when there's so many cards in one pile


Screen capture


Ooh! Great catch, how silly of me. Thank you!


Works great in Linux, just launching it Wine's defaults.

Wonderful idea, keep up the good work.


You can also launch the .exe with LÖVE as if it was a zip file, works just as well.


Thank you for the information, both of you!

Sorry that every comment I make here is an apparent bug report, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that it was NOT your intent to allow the bottom card slots in the triangle in Transmutation to each hold an unlimited quantity of cards in a single stack. (Incidentally, I discovered this because the hotspot to actually put a card on the bottom-left slot is mysteriously wonky and one time I tried to put a card on it, it got stacked onto the already-full slot on the right instead.)

On the plus side, I finally got a win in Binary - the card column compression works wonderfully. Thanks for that.

Random extra note: it's a bit counterintuitive that Kings can't be stacked on Aces in Royal Flush, given Aces rank above Kings in poker, but I don't mind this if it was an intentional design decision (the game's easy enough as it is in my estimation).

I think someone else brought that up, and while it's not strictly intentional, I think I'm ok with the rule that the solitaire side works by standard solitaire card values while the poker side works by standard poker card values.

Oh shoot! Interesting that that's the case; I thought I added the necessary check against multiple cards. Thanks!

I'm having issues with the binary solitaire where I can't seem to be able to make any stacks in the 4th column.  For example, If I place a 0 there, I can't place a one on top or vice versa.  Higher value groups are also not possible.  This seems to only be a problem in the 4th column.

Oh wait that's on purpose I can read, sorry

Trying Single-Card Solitaire in 0.7c - what a concept! - but its implementation is problematic. The red coloration of cards seems inaccurate more often than not once anything has moved, though it doesn't allow any rulebreaking or preventing anything legal as far as I can tell. What IS a thorn in my side is the limit of the non-resizable window! The strategy I often seem to need is compelling me to grow an individual stack especially tall. I can keep adding cards to a stack even after it goes off the bottom of the window, but I can't pick those cards back up again. (I can grab a whole stack from a visible portion when appropriate, but can't then use those lower cards unless I can set them down on another shorter stack for a moment, which isn't always possible or prevents the move I need to make.) Surely I wouldn't be expected to keep track of when a stack is exactly 31 groups tall and emulate this behavior when playing with physical cards, so I'm sure this counts as a bug. Some way to scroll down (or resize the window) seems necessary to me.


Thanks for the feedback! I wonder if reducing the offset between cards when the stack gets high enough would help - it'd make the cards lower in the stack harder to read but would be a bit more elegant than a scrollbar.

Could you give an example of a situation where the red colour breaks?


I mean, it's extremely common - it's hard to have it NOT happen in my experience - but sure, this is just a few seconds and a few moves in on a deal. The left and right stacks are both miscolored, as you can see (just the bottom group of the left, which should be red, and the bottom eleven(!) of the right, which are all legally stacked and moveable and in fact can go with the next two groups above them, so should not be red).


Hmm, interesting! It worked (I think!) previously, but I did some quick changes to it yesterday and probably broke it in ways that I didn't anticipate. The joys of testing a change only too little before assuming it works, apologies.


Not a problem, it's not like I paid for this (though I would have), I just thought you'd really like to know. With some more examination, it seems picking a stack up and putting it right back where it came from almost always screws up the coloring, if that helps nail down the issue.

These are some very clever and fun designs! I'm encountering a nasty bug in Council of Secrets, though, where closing the help screen sometimes doesn't return me to the game, leaving me on a solid-color window and apparently softlocking the game. (I know, the word 'sometimes' there is your worst nightmare regarding trying to fix it. But it happens enough that I've yet to finish a single deal of the game before it happening.)

Yeah, I've been aware of the bug; I haven't really properly turned my attention to fixing it yet, but I fear that finding the exact cause will be tough due to the "sometimes" nature of it, haha. Apologies for the issue & thanks for the report!


Really cool and fun. Is an android version planned by any chance? I don't really expect it to be but I wanted to ask. 


I want to test out making builds for other platforms once the game's done, but I'm not sure if Android is one of those because I haven't yet looked at the porting process.

Quick Question when do you Finsh a pile in magican solitaire

I encountered an issue where there wasn't enough cards at the end of to finish the last pile.  I ended with 10 face up and 9 face down, but I need 11 of one of those

Oh gosh unless this isn't a bug and you need to strategically bias which cards you use.

That's the intention, but there *is* also a bug that caused there to be an uneven number of face/back cards. Sorry about that.

A ton of fun!

I'm encountering an issue in Tap Solitaire where sometimes I can't untap a card

If you can find a way to reliably have that happen (e.g. it happens and you can make it happen again), that'd be extremely helpful for tracking the cause down :)

It appears that if you have a tapped card on top of a tapped card, the top tapped card cannot be untapped unless you place it on a different pile

Thank you!

I really love the Eldritch Invasion solitaire. Makes me feel like I'm playing an RPG while just doing a card game!

Thank you! Glad to hear  the theming works :)

doesn't fit good on my monitor =/

What's your resolution?



Thanks; I'll try something for a future version! :)

I'm running into a weird bug in Babataire. I have a stack that is a jiji card and then 2 fofo cards. If I set the rules fofo is baba and then jiji is keke, it turns all of the cards in the stack into keke cards rather than a keke card and two baba cards.

Ah, thanks for the report! That looks like an issue with the chained transformation rules; I'll look at it once I get home from a thing

Echo this report, with 2 separate transform rules, you'd expect pink bordered transformed cards to belong to 2 suits. Instead, all transformed cards end up as the same transformed suit.

ahhh would love to play it. Any chance of a mac build?

I'll try to release the full version on Mac :)

what about a linux build too? any chance?


I think I'm going to try both eventually!

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