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We need a new Nuremberg trial, this is a warcrime against humanity




A dash of Corrypt, a dash of Braid...

yay i did it



you should make it that different hourglasses are different colors, and the outline of the permeant block is the color of the hourglass. I think this would help you know which hourglass your using.

That'd be a good idea, yeah!

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Beaten ONE!!


how do you win?


Push the boxes, silly.


Played Corrypt recently, did you?


Haha, Corrypt was one of the inspirators for Baba Is You


Nice concept for a puzzle game! Did you make it with Phaser?


It was made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

this is the hardest one yet and the only one without the Ctrl + q skip level shortcut (useful information for people that partially complete, leave and then come back)

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It makes sense that it doesn't have the shortcut, seeing as the game involves traversing through levels, bringing items from some.


Too meta for me, Icely will be in shambles


I can't wait to see Icely FREAK

He just released the video of him playing this one.

Yes, I'm subscribed AND in the discord.

in wine


I love cursed time travel battle advanced

<<Positive    ION    Negative>>


This is what happens when you let Hempuli out of your sight.




Yep, you're banned 




cool game

10/10, would break spacetime again

Permaban Gameplay


Your best one yet ! (Tho I really really like the concept and theme of cavemount)

I had to take physical notes to beat this one : Image

Great puzzle! Thx!


Corrypt mechanics, my beloved!


it's not clear who won though. my picture makes it clear


Grid & bear it. That was challenging, though I struggled with the last level more'n I should've. I confess here that I placed an "hourglass" atop three black squares to try to "permatize" the "Beaten" text. And was sorely disappointed when I thought I'd succeeded. Oh well. Another fab puzzle experience. Though I'm not sure how much longer my nerves will hold out. Thanx agin.

"grid and bear it"

Epic game

I do not approve of this ban appeal

this is very amazing, had a lot of aha moments

amazingly, this is the first one in a while that i was actually able to beat without any guidance

Loved it, but ouch my head

This is honestly my favourite out of all of these so far

fun but brain hurt

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just full cleared it to my knowledge (i'm assuming the flag not taking me to another level means i'm done), this one's a banger

Thanks! And yeah, that's the end since you could otherwise just go on forever, haha


just softlocked myself :D 



if you re-apply the hourglass, it resets the block


wow this is devious hahah

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I think I already found a softlock in level 6 ;-;. Get the black block into the corner below the flag.

Nevermind, I’m dumb. If anyone runs into a softlock, go to the level where the green was, then do it again.


if you return to the level where you got the black block and re-apply the sand timer, the block's position will reset.


The name is amazing, the game is cursed

That was extremely fun. It took me a while, but I managed to convince myself the last level was impossible. (Then I solved it.)

Is the last level the one with NO!! and no ability to keep going even with an active flag?

I would assume so. Try and remove all permanent objects to get a nice clear "NO!!" screen :)

Not what I was referring to. By "last level" I meant "last real challenge of the game".

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