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very fun!

This was really good. The puzzles were hard, but fair and I understood every step I took. Nothing was achieved by accident.

Just finished playing this. So good! Level 21 is incredibly satisfying. I was surprised to see that it's a Ludum Dare game because of how well designed it all was.

Got stuck for a bit from time to time, but eventually managed to finish it. Some good puzzling here - I like it.

Cannot get off this screen at all. Tried pressing up below a ladder but nothing happens.


You must be on a ladder, not below it. However, if it feels like the game's broken, try restarting; that helps sometimes.


This is amazing! But dang I can't get past level 13. That's a doozy.


Damn this is a hard game! As always excelent puzzles toying with the mechanics. This time I felt them specially hard to combine with each other, leading to me really taking my time with the levels.

Only one question, is it possible to play in fullscreen? I've been unable to play in fullscreen all of your games except Baba is you.


Thanks! Fullscreen isn't supported atm, but I could probably implement it somewhat easily

Awesome game! FYI - Post destruction via bombs/falling terrain doors and ladders do not come back via undo

I'm having a similar issue but the stuff does come back, it just appears in the top-left-most tile.  Also happens with signs and Keke


This should now be fixed!


Oh my god, it's so good.



collecting a gem, then undoing increases the gem counter in a weird way


Thanks! Will look into that in a bit


Fixed now!