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hateful game


oh god dammit its alt f4

This is the greatest thing ever. We need sequel


keke's troll universe


this is the dumbest troll game ever made i love it so much 



This game made me laugh at first, now it just makes me cry

the game dont loads ;


The signs are too small for me to read :(

What monitor do you have?


laptop, 1920x1080. I don't have great eyesight either.


game sucks


i love this game

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Me, reading the comments and seeing the Alt-F4 shenanigans, then playing the game and seeing the jump button: “Hehee, we’re on Linux and remapped the close-window button to something else!”

Me: *tries that in game*

The game: *promptly closes*

Hah. Too smart for that. :3

– Frost


Hey, fancy seeing you here! We keep seeing you on the fediverse and recognized your avatar.

- Moth


The message that shows when you do the thing is now etched into my brain

funny thing tho

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This is one of the best-worst ideas I've ever seen for a game. Highly recommended.

If I had to give some serious critique, I think a couple of the levels feel a bit out of order difficulty-wise: the antepenultimate level in particular felt much harder than the two levels right after it.

Also, what format are the level files stored in?


what is your fucking problem dude

another TROLLLL game lul

helo i am is come from this channel

Hi! Hope you enjoy my dumb playthrough lul


why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why 

I like this game good job


Ah, you psychopathic rascal. I completed 3 levels before I gave in.


The run and jump controls are rubbish, because if you press them at the same time the game closes since the computer thinks that you use the combination of Alt + F4 which means to close an application and that is the FUCKING problem, it is difficult to play as you can accidentally close the game


Hi, this is unintended behaviour. Please contact support


that is intended behavior, it's supposed to be a rage game


who's gonna tell him?

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not only that, but sometimes when you press an arrow and jump, for some reason it closes the game as if you pressed alt+f4

This happens after you've alt+tabbed the game, right? Now that, I'm not sure was intended.

not sure


it's intentional.  Even if you remap the "close an application" binding on linux, alt-f4 still closes this specific game.


Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, how dare you. Hey. Hey I wanna have a word with you. How dare you? How could you? Hey, why would you do this? Listen. You can't do this. This isn't okay. Money well spent. What's wrong with you? Hey, listen: what's your problem? I'm grinning like an idiot. Don't do this. I can't believe you. Jesus christ. Go jump in a lake. 

I mean. How dare you? Like, what's your problem? Unbelievable.


oh my god i beat one single level, i have never felt so alive.



This is one of the few games I've played that has ever genuinely made me feel despair. Excellent work. You've broken me. But I felt so powerful beating the game. Thank you for this.


return to classic Hempuli!


dont know how i didnt see that coming


It was definitely one of those moments where I made a gamedev joke and then went "waait... I actually want to make that for real"

you sicko why you made the game look so good and the controls so evil T_T


Evil mastermind. Love you man

very good



ahahaahah, you made me alt+f4

oww my hand

This game has legit thrown off my keyboard muscle memory
Also spoiler

Congratulations! And sorry


please enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed your game


... is it bad that i want to try beat this


The levels are stored in the levels\ folder so pancelor *could* send it to you... if they dare


oh! that would have been smart… I just made it as an image in paint haha

Make an RPG with Fofo next



FoFo's next.


You know, when I played Keke in the Mines I genuinely thought "oh, how nice of Hempuli to give Keke their time to shine. Now I wonder if he'll ever make a game with Me." And here we are... Let's play. (downloads)


classic Keke shenanigans


As a human, why do we allow us to stay in a bad relationship?

Be it an abusive boss or nasty partner.

Maybe it's because there's something we can't resist.

And we believe if we persist enough, there'll be something worth it waiting for us in the end.

And we believe if we persist enough, there'll be something worth it waiting for us in the end.

There's some high quality wisdom here


Alt to run and F4 to jump, great combo when used togheter


evil. evil game. (positive). when i saw the reveal of the jump button i was like "oh its gonna be Like That huh" like someone realizing, with dawning horror, who the culprit in a murder mystery is. had to cheat (replacing it with level 1) to get past the penultimate level because it was legitimately hurting my hand but otherwise game was cute and fun if hard. wish just a little that something more had been done with the "save data might be corrupted" idea but ah well. good stuff!


Thanks! I pondered that for a bit but I think the game's mean enough as it is, haha

I was hoping it'd "corrupt" the save data in ways that can progress the game


Well then.

good shit, boss

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