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CPH2030 is a 4-player hotseat tactical action game. In it you have to defeat the other three players by hiding behind a crate, shooting with your 3-bullet revolver and throwing dynamite.

You can only shoot when not behind the crate, and you can only be shot at when not behind it. The dynamite can hit you even behind the crate. If you run out of bullets, you need to shoot 3 times to re-fill your bullets. Bullets deal 1 damage, dynamite 2, while all players have 2 health. The score is counted based on successful kills.

Keyboard controls:

Left/Right/A/D/F/H/J/L -> aim

Up/Down/W/S/T/G/I/K -> move behind the crate

Shift/E/Y/O -> shoot

Control/Q/R/U -> throw dynamite

Joystick controls:

Left stick -> aim

Shoulder buttons -> move behind the crate

A -> shoot

B -> throw dynamite

Game by Arvi Teikari, sound effects by Niilo Takalainen, made with Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam.

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Tagscowboy, crate, revolver, sheriff, shooting, standoff, Wild West


Copenhagen 2030 5.6 MB

Install instructions

Download the executable and run it. If you plug in gamepads, close and re-open the game. The game only runs on Windows.