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I spent a good 40 minutes with this fantastic puzzle game! It was very interesting to learn the optimal way-cutting strategies step by step and the last puzzle made me smile when I realized the solution on my second try. <3 A simple yet ingenious concept that once again shows what synergy the combination of two classic game models can unfold. :) That's why I recommended your game in an article on our blog and uploaded a (cut) playthrough video. Thank you for the excellent work!

Best wishes,


Thank you very much for the visibility and compliments! I saw the tweet earlier :)

Great implementation! Noticed one thing while playing: pawns are not queen'd when reaching the other side the board.  Would be a cool addition because queens are almost as tough as knights. 


Yeah, that'd be neat! Also you can force pawns to eat in illegal ways because their logic is so simple. It'd be interesting to polish the chess aspect of the game to contain the full depth of chess (Castling, having the pieces prefer eating opposing pieces if given a chance etc) and see how that affects the snake part of the gameplay. I guess I should do a post-compo build...

Can't download from itch app D:

Thanks! Should be fixed now :)

Yay! Thanks!
The game is awesome, btw! I had real fun while figuring out how to get the pieces without trapping myself xD I noticed the pawns would capture forwards instead of diagonally, btw


Yeah, that happens if they can't move diagonally and have an enemy in front of them; should make an updated version once I have more time...