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Can we have a cursed block pushing game with all previous mechanics and a note on which game the mechanics came from, and a level editor

This was an OIT (alright) game, it got really tricky especially near the end, but I found some cheese in other levels which I won't tell :>


I'm confused???

never has a game made me feel so stupid and so smart at the same time, 10/10
(i had to look up the level with the 4 buttons that made boxes appear to your left though, i tried so hard but i could not figure it out jkgbgkjslbkjd)

can you add a level select

for real

Ctrl+Q to increase level
Ctrl+E to go back  [this is in all covemounts, but its only noted in a few]

Those are hotkeys in some browsers, so a menu might open or something, but it will work if you click back in the game between Ctrl+Es

I have an idea for a block pusher game:
gimmick: on the right side of the screen theres the gray spot thing that's in this game, and in some levels there'll be an uh thing that shows tileA+tileB=tileC, and if you push tile A into tile B, it would destroy both but make tile C
alternative colors: in some levels, tiles will be a different color, and the crafting recipies require the specific color for each block (ex. if white multipush block+white wall is base recipe red multipush block and white wall wont work, they'll just act like their normal counterparts) also, in the earlier levels you could use black tiles to trick the player into thinking that black tiles don't merge with anything, then use white tile+black tile=other tile. also, inverse tiles actually cant merge with anything, and the ? could be used to show anything or a random result or a block could merge with anything, etc.
multicrafting: some recipes could make/require multiple tiles, (ex. wallx2+multipush block=button- wall would eat first multipush block then make a button after eating a second one. ex2. wall+multipush=2xmultipush- it would make 2 multipush blocks [duh] but push the second one in the direction that you push it in)
epic crossover: some recipies could have the covejank symbols on them that would make them move like the blocks from covejank (ex. right arrow would move the resulting item one tile forward from where you pushed it from)
your welcome :)

Amazing 💯

How the heck do you make games so fast


dear lord, each game of this kind that is realesed is harder than the last one, either this or i get confused at a faster rate each game


You want a spoiler or a hint?

Hint: Use boxes with boxes





Spoiler: Make a row of boxes to push them to the other side, if you do that, make sure you have at least one transform-block left as an exit.

I only finished because someone helped me TvT great game had fun!

This is really nice! The four button level is super difficult for some reason compared to everything else.

круто cool




Oh no, Monty got into advertisement.

Not gonna lie, I think Codemount ruined my brain because I took way too long on this one, especially the four button level.

Cool game, took me way too long to figure out the gimmick.

“Voitto” = “Victory” in Finnish. Neat!

not me tryna figure out how to win the win screen T_T


I 100% win!

I must give myself a PROMOTION!

i think the 2nd last level is super easy if you just destroy most of the tiles, even excluding the x deletion cheese, but in general its a new great addition to the covemountlikes
also does the v on the win screen act as a covemonty in the fact that it deletes things?

There's a silly quirk in how I implemented the game that causes the V thing but it's so minor that I don't think I'll fix it

I think there were a couple of levels I cheesed but it's a neat gimmick

HUH? is what I told myself when I first saw the game

The levels were really interesting. Some of them were much easier than expected. Others were really hard.  In the end the game was pretty enjoyable.

What secret controls do i need to know

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Nevermind thats awesome, but i think something like level 6 would be a better tutorial


OTTO VOI! My playthrough of the game.

Also I think couple of levels need tweaking.

This for instance, you actually just not do all the targets and actually destroy all of them to win, which I think is not intentional, but I didn't on this one/playthrough. I did it later,and yeah, making this one cheesable.

Also this level keeps breaking whenever you clear the previous stage. Forcing you to restart/undo, due to the stage being empty.

Regardless, I still had fun in this.


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