Version 1.1

- You can now have multiple sprites the program randomizes from! Change "sprite_folder" to a string of all the possible folders, separated by commas, to make this work.
- Added Keke as an option for the program; only Baba is used by default so adjust the setup.txt file to get Keke in.
- Moved the sprite size data from setup.txt to the sprite folders to support the above change better.
- Added jumping! There are now new variables to adjust this in setup.txt. Setting "jump_strength_max" to 0 disables jumps entirely.
- Made petting Baba easier by default.


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Jul 21, 2022

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I know i'm kinda late but what language does this use?

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Fofo enjoying some outside time

Fofo is great :D


This is really cool.


So I've made replacement sprites for all available sprites and set the size in the size.tx file, but the sprites have a weird black outline in some places when used in Baba Friend, any advice?


This is caused by the sprites using RGB instead of Indexed colour mode. E.g. Aseprite can adjust that.


That did the trick!  Everything was made in Aseprite so that should be an easy fix lol, thanks for the help!


OMG I remember SHEEP.EXE from Windows 3.11!

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Thank you. I’m a huge fan of Baba is You, so I like having him run around my screen while I work.