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can u pet baba, and if so how

Move the mouse cursor back and forth over Baba!

i made made my own sprite and named it oliv


my baba just went infront of my taskbar... is that a bug?



Nice work, a good friend ausahus

the baba freind should have a small ! above his head and his face turns into '0' when you open baba is you


My new friend is excellent and I love him. Any updates on multi-monitor jank? My two monitors aren't aligned and this means Baba tends to float partway up from the bottom of my second one.

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I'm also waiting patiently for a fix or a way to make baba ignore my second monitor. It's the only thing keeping it from a 10/10 for me.

Baba has Mac. Baba is sad...

can u make it so that u can change size pls :) its so bige....



i love baba!! thank you


Baba Thank You

Desktop has Baba


Thank you, I installed desktop Baba two weeks ago and it brings me so much delight daily. However moment ago I noticed my Baba lost their eyes for some reason. Also they don't react when i try to interact with my cursors (pat or drag). Everything else is normal, they are still moving across screen and doing their thing. This is not bug report because I'm for 90% sure restarting the program would fix it, I just wanted to share with this creepy/funny situation.

Baba Is Turn <

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It's not that only the eyes disappear, the entire thing goes white and un-interactable. It happens to me too whenever a fullscreen application opens while baba friend is active. Just close baba and relaunch the app, should be fine.

Please add a feature where sometimes Baba Friends eyes disappear, implying Baba Friend has turned around. This would add flavor and mystique to the enigmatic Baba Friend. Thank you.

Baba Is Consider


Make it for android


how, it is a DESKTOP PET


He's probably thinking of TSC in AVA4 on Alan's iPhone 6

where is setup.txt

You can open it from the menu that opens when you right-clicking Baba. But the exact path is users\<your username>\AppData\roaming\BabaFriend\


baba slows down my computer and/or completely freezes the screen. i kept thinking that baba was just a virus because there was no problems for several hours. im gonna delete baba soon, but i just had a lot of fun with baba and it surely was an experience. ill be sure to keep the unopened zip file just for an occasion that this gets patched! i dont know if anyone else has this problem.

Ah, that's a bummer. :( The implementation of the toy is quite haphazard, so I can unfortunately see some computer setups not liking it much in terms of performance, and in those cases I can't do much without rewriting the entire toy from scratch in a different language.


very cool

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I made custom sprites for like 6 hours but it was worth it. Thank you for making this, it's perfect and Baba is great too <3

By the way, when I'm using two monitors, Baba friend gets glitchy because my monitors have different resolutions (Main monitor is 1440p and secondary is a 1080p drawing monitor). Is there a way to force friend to ignore the second monitor completely?


I need to update that in! Thanks for the feedback :)


i tried making custom sprites but the transparent part of the sprites were black


You need to switch the colour mode from RGB to Indexed; some pixel art programs like Aseprite can do this.

hi i was wondering if there's any other way to do this, aseprite isn't free... 

I'm sure there are, but sadly don't know of any other examples right off my head. You could try GraphicsGale, which is free!


Very cute. Works with Wine, though it really doesn't like multiple monitors. Which is understandable.


My new favorite game. Now I have a baba friend!


it works with wine development on linux


looks like he drank too much wine


This is epic. Dogs can't compete.

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BA is FR
BA    EN


(Ba is French)

BA     EN
(Ba [empty] English)


i have just a few problems 1: baba goes behind the task bar. 2: baba flickers between falling and not falling when on any full screen window. fix this please and thank you

unfortunately (even though I am not the dev) Apps can not go in front of the taskbar for security reasons that windows implemented. Also the flickering problem can't be solved as far as I know.


Now I have a decent excuse, why I distract from writing code.


I can't change the size of mine, the second time I opened it they were super tiny. :( they also drop down and disappear behind my taskbar and idk how to do anything about it. Does anyone know how to help?

unfortunately (even though I am not the dev) Apps can not go in front of the taskbar for security reasons that windows implemented. The size can be changed in sprites the size

MacOS version please!!


Baba is friend

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I ran it through VirusTotal, 3 Antiviruses said it's Malware :(


they dont know what their looking at. dont let those antiviruses stop you from having fun! >:P

This is unfortunately the reality for Clickteam Fusion -made games (I'm using an old version of the program so it's even more common); they get false positive'd by antivirus programs every now and then. Do note though that that's 3 out of fifty-something.

i also had the problem with the malware thing, baba completely froze my screen and when i opened back up baba, my computer ran embarrassingly slow during a family presentation.




is there a rhyme or reason to how he moves? I can't tell if he's effected by gravity or sections within windows or not.


The program detects floor by comparing the colours on the background below Baba's feet, but the detection is quite finicky to save processing power.




So cooooool


Very cool! :) Sill sad that this isn’t on Linux tho. I ran it with Wine and basically created a monster.


it looks like a cute octopus with a bow


Adorable :)

Does anyone have any idea how it works? I kinda wan't to try and make my own.


ba ba

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Really cool, got some sprites for hatsune miku


that's so cute! I want her too <3 where did you get it?

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